• Young woman sitting by water and looking at her reflection

    Dear friends,

    I am going to be daring. And I invite you to be also.

    Here goes.

    Most of us, we’re so scared of failing we don’t even let ourselves begin to dream let alone wish.
    We need to learn again toDare to Wish.

    It’s exactly when all we remember is how to survive that we must remember what makes us thrive.

    It is exactly at the time they expect us to shrink that we must shine.

    But most of us, we’ve forgotten. So beaten down. So tired. So stressed. So full of emails and to-do lists and regrets and loss and struggle . .

    Let’s rewind. To a different time.

    Many of us have a moment, a memory, something like this:

    A wishing well. We remember standing before a pool of liquid silver. Blue-green water flowing, a clear pool reflecting the sky. Sparkling silver and copper stars- lightening sparks of other people’s wishes- glimmering mysteriously in the fountains depths.


    A Wishing Well.

    Remember being a child, standing on your toes before that fountain, full of anticipation? Wanting something so badly. Holding the round coin, rolling it through your finger tips, and believing, wishing with all your heart and soul, that as you threw that coin – poof – that wish would happen.

    But we grew up and reasoned it out. We got disappointed sometimes, when those wishes didn’t come quick enough. We thought hard. Convinced ourselves we’d better settle. Logic and reason roar loud over our quiet dreams.

    Aw, that wishing well was just metaphor. Water a source and sustenance for life. Purification and nourishment. A symbolic place for wishes to go. To languish and lie. To die. Our wishes something we forgot or let go.

    But actually, we were right back then. It’s not just a symbol. It’s literal.

    It’s called a Wishing Well for a reason.

    Wish Well.tropical scenario, seaworld park, orlando, florida

    It is only by wishing hard that we can reap the riches of our wishes.

    So we can wish and know,

    Water is that Into which we throw,

    So our wishes flow,

    emboldening us to wellness,

    our highest selves

    greatest possibility for growth.

    Wishing Well.

    What if integral to wellness is listening to wishes and following our bliss?

    Our wellness flows from these depths. Wishes as the water of life.

    So if our wishes lead to wellness and to bliss – Fill your well. Do what you love. Our wishes- our bliss – make us well. If only we remember.

    But we’ve forgotten, haven’t we. Or we made ourselves forget.

    So let’s do it. Again.

    Dare to Wish.

    Imagine you are that kid standing in front of liquid silver possibility.

    What is it you wanted so badly? Do you want it still? What do your deep heart-wishes look like now?

    – Get a few coins. Fill a cup or glass. Or Find a body of water. Because water really is life, as our dear water protectors know, and show, as they are trying to preserve it for us all.

    Honor them. Honor the water. Honor your life.susannabambooshoots

    – Wish Well. Reach deep.

    Wish true. Really feel for what you want. No hesitations. No self-criticisms. No excuses. No maybes or if I’s.

    – Wish Well. Really do it. Commit to yourself.

    Make a wish. Or three. Throw those coins in the well.

    Believe in them as hard as you did when you threw that first coin.

    – Imagine all of life as wishing well.

    Send some wishes for yourself. For family, friends, communities in need. For our water. For the future.

    – Wish well. Fill your well to feel well. Wish well to be well.

    It’s not mere frivolity. It’s powerful action that can lead to personal and systemic change.

    Wishing becomes the foundation of self knowledge, which sustained over time can lead to self-belief.

    From belief in our truest selves, acting on our wishes can lead us to the source of our very best and highest right action.

    From this right action springs our own and the world’s wellness.

    To make wishes come true we have to remember what we even wish for in the first place.

    It’s only by reconnecting to our wishes that we get the fuel to do what is needed to fulfill our true calling. Remember who we are. Begin to explore, learn and create the resources to make it all come true.

    So let’s remember. Let’s Wish Well.

    I’d love to hear from you. What are your biggest, deepest wishes?
    I know- I know. It’s scary. I’ll go first.

    Here’s mine- I’ve had them since I was little. My big wishes are to be a writer and I secretly always wanted to start a school. So I am finally doing it!  I’m opening an institute to study, learn and teach all about wellness. One dedicated to filling your well, your greatest wellness and making wishes come true.

    Learn more and share “what fills your well” here at this Wellness Survey

    I’d love to hear from you.

    And I can’t wait to share and celebrate with you soon as Bliss Well Institute opens this January!