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    Our Voices. Our Words. Our Images. Our Stories. Our Yoga. 

    Where’s your yoga from?  What’s your yoga for?

    The New Faces in Yoga Leadership Project is all about lifting up our voices in the upcoming #MyYogaisFrom / #MyYogaisFor interview series.

    We are partnering with a number of online yoga publishers to present this series.

    We will hear from many practitioners, of many backgrounds and experiences all about their yoga. Expect the personal. The powerful. Tips for transformation.


    The goal is to really make our yoga, lives, and experiences visible, share a diversity of practice, as well as to go for depth. I invite myself and you to really get raw, vulnerable, take us there.

    By sharing ourselves and your stories we can have a transformative, cathartic, healing experience through connection and really begin to change the landscape and shape of western yoga today.

    New Faces in Yoga Leadership is an interview series that grew out of a movement and call to action for more coherent, visible and unified diversity of leadership in yoga today.

    Specifically, this discussion will challenge the overwhelmingly white representational yoga paradigm and create an action plan with supporters, practitioners, participants and allies who want to collaborate to change the popular face of yoga today to create more access.


    We rise together creating visible, unified POC-guided, yoga leadership as a site for social change. We seek to address various methods of healing trauma while uplifting excluded groups and creating safe space for greater yoga accessibility. Through image, written word, telling our stories as part of the cultural, social, historical fabric of yoga today we create visibility, mutual uplift, collective conversation and cultural change.

    So far we’ve featured:

    Amanda Reh – If Yoga Can Save Me, It Can Save Anybody

    An Exclusive Interview with Black Yogis – I Thought I Was the Only One

    Yours truly, Susanna Barkataki –  My Yoga is From Listening

    Read interviews. 

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    #MyYogaisFrom / #MyYogaisFor