• #MyYogaIsFrom

    Yoga is everything, sometimes. Success is failure and failure is success. Can we talk about this?

    My recent presentation at the Race and Yoga conference was both a great success and a huge failure.

    Why? I spoke in the listening. Got up there, invited dialogue. Guided self reflection.  Asked others to listen to themselves. To hear one another. So often when we listen we hear ourselves mirrored back. And mirror we did. We workshopped and it was good. Interactive. Appreciated. It went deep. A great success.

    But perhaps there was a part of me that led the conference this way because I was afraid to take the stage and fully claim it. To own it with my own story. Perhaps there was a part of me who felt my own story wasn’t worth telling. And this is failing both myself and my audience.awesomepose

    Because we all have stories worth telling.

    There’s a time for claiming and sharing our stories too. Really owning and taking the stage. Drawing it out, taking time for the telling.

    So at the conference I listened. I learned. I grew.  To prioritize my own and also hold space for others perspectives. I loved hearing from so many Desi sisters. Our leadership in yoga is so needed. Everyone’s is. Your’s is too.

    With a shift of the lens to honor our voices, yes you! we all get to share and really listen to one another and ourselves.


    The New Faces in Yoga Leadership Project is all about lifting up my own and others voices in the upcoming #MyYogaisFrom / #MyYogaisFor interview series.

    I’m partnering with a number of online yoga publishers to present this series. We will hear from many practitioners, of many backgrounds and experiences all about their yoga. Expect the personal. The powerful. Tips for transformation.

    I’ll kick it off with some poetic prose. . .

    #MyYogaIsFrom Listening – Susanna Barkataki.


    I practice to come home to myself. Animating in flesh and breath the inner code Svahyaya, self study.

    I write to see me,

     know myself,

    to be free.
    I dare to share. It’s terrifying.

    I do it anyway.

    To make this yoga path accessible. To  be not alone.

    To shift and uplift. Like a backwards dancing twist.
    To be as personal as I can be. To connect like the tree to the root.

    My yoga is from listening.
    Younger me, heard everything, never said a word.

    Felt my voice didn’t matter.

    I was wrong.

    How shy. Before.
    ‘Til I began to speak up. Faith it. Til I could make it.

    Feeling: My voice. Your voice. Matter.

    We brave like warriors posing for each other ’til it’s realer than real.

    My yoga is for listening

    to you.

    Its a process of unfoldment like muscles relaxing deeper around each breath.

    Practicing Ahimsa for myself, my self. Stopping, breathing, resting into presence.

    So I can do it for everybody else.
    Not sitting on top of another’s narrative.
    Sitting next to, listening to your story.

    Practicing side by side not identical but a different flow

    unique for our bodies, our types, our needs in the moment.

    Our movement and stories
    Co-creating. feeling into growth. Through catharsis, change.

    My yoga is for listening.

    I’m here. I’m listening.

    What are you struggling with?

    What wouldsusannaheadshotconde you love to read more about?

    Where’s your yoga from? What’s it for?

    Hit reply and let it fly.

    I’m all ears. And all heart.