• museatnightsusannaExercise, connect, elevate, celebrate.

    We come together as women to walk under the light and dark of the moon.

    After we walk we will have a short Moon Celebration together.

    New moon is a great time to take a risk, try something new, set a vision in motion, manifest the life you want with the power of your sisters supporting you.

    *** Please invite friends. We rise together. ***

    This walk holds the intention of coming together, cultivating lunar, feminine energy and is for women and women-identified folks only.

    New moon marks a fresh cycle. A great time to set intentions, share them and set them in motion.

    Meet at 6:30 by the Lake Eola Muse of Discovery to welcome one another.
    Walk at 7pm
    Circle and close by 8:30pm

    Your presence is your gift / donate what you wish

    *** In the light of the moon we give and receive only love
    as we cultivate our inner and outer goddess glow ***

    Your Lunar Guide
    Susanna Barkataki, is a Pisces lover of la luna, the water, words, and inner and outer depths. Susanna, M.Ed, Master Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, practices and teaches yoga, mindfulness and for well-being and uplift. She’s a recent transplant to Orlando from Los Angeles where she loved hosting women’s circles on the full and new moons and is excited to continue this powerful tradition here in our watery depths.

    Learn more at www.SusannaBarkataki.com
    and read Susanna’s Blogs at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/susanna-barkataki/