• Feel Your Freedom Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training
     with Cloud Nine Yoga. Now in Downtown Orlando, Fl!

    Ready for a journey of a lifetime that will transform you body, mind and spirit? This is for you if you are ready to for personal transformation into greater wellness, power and joy.

    Live a lifestyle you love while being prosperous and joyful. This is an authentic, heart-centered in-depth 200 Hour Yoga Training. This training will deepen your practice, integrate yoga into your life, and train you to teach. 

    Training is themed around bring more wellness, health and balance into life, healing, and the transformative power of yoga.

    There is a fabulous team delivering this Yoga Teacher training brand new to Orlando direct from Los Angeles!

    Cloud Nine is a yoga school out of California that has been running for 20 years. We are excited to now be here in Orlando.

    We created this school to bring us joy here on earth! We are yoga school committed to training yoga teachers to find their own unique style. More info on Cloud Nine here

    In addition to me, Susanna Barkataki, master yoga and Ayurveda teacher, we have a fabulous lineup of guest expert teachers!

    Teaching Team:
    Amanda Reh of Yoga in Lake Eola
    Christina Prieto of Harmony Wellness
    Erica Finlay of Femmfessionals 

    Deepen your personal practice, hone your skills as a teacher, and share the transformative practice of yoga while building community. Become a leader in the movement of yoga, wellness and personal change.

    Our classes are known to be fun, community building, personally transforming and inspiring.

    They are for you even if you never want to teach yoga and don’t think of yourself as flexible. If you are ready for a life change and want to dive into wellness and transform this is a great way to do it. Of course, you will be trained to teach as well. We believe in empowering yoga teachers to go out there to do what they are passionate about while creating a life they love and being of highest contribution in world. 


    Lectures- 1 night/ week 7:30-10 pm

    & Intensives are Bi-weekly on Sun 1:30pm to 5pm 

    Welcome to this training themed around expressing your own voice, a lifestyle of wellness, healing, integrated transformative power of the elements of yoga.

     Deepen your personal practice, hone your skills as a teacher, and share the transformative practice of yoga with the community.

    •  IDENTITY: Introductions & Orientation, What is Yoga? 8 Limbed Path,  Yamas, Niyamas, Ethics and foundations, Who are You? Honoring Our Ancestors and Teachers, Connection
    • POWER: 7 moving Principles and Intro to Yoga Anatomy, Transformative Power of Yoga; Privilege, Power and the Yogic path. Meditation Practices and Philosophies, Decolonizing Your Practice
    • ELEMENTS of YOGA: Authentic Voice, Authentic Practice: Basic 20 Vinyasa Flow Poses, + Yoga, Being of Service
    • EARTH: Deepening Yamas and Niyamas, Language of Yoga Lecture: Intro to Sanskrit, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Cultural Appropriation and Liberatory Practice, Inclusive Language, Gender pronouns, etc. Sit, Relax & Savasana, Yoga Nidra, Moving Your Meditation
    • WATER:The Schools and Styles of Yoga, Non-judgement, non competitive, Body Positive + Acceptance and Celebration, Holding Space, Ethics of Teaching, Boundaries;Trauma Informed Practice: Creating Safe, Sacred Space and Classroom Safety, Yoga Therapy, Professional Information, Yoga as a healing modality
    • FIRE: Sharing our gifts: Teaching in studios, non-profits, hospitals, recovery centers, alt. spaces. Websites, promotion. Sharing from heart, Back Bending, Heart & Shoulder Opener Setting the Stage: Aromatherapy & Poetry, Meditation Cards & Music,  Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita, Deities & Avatars, Cultural awareness
    • AIR: Authentic presence and voice as a teacher founded in a clear cultural foundation of understanding, syncretism, owning your roots, sharing from a place of presence + power. Modifications and Cuing for safety and injury prevention, Fine-tune Assisting/Adjusts in asana class, Yoga to heal trauma, survivors of abuse
    • SPACE: Space for everyone, yoga as inclusive practice; Heart Openers and Backbends, Ableism, Age,  Teaching Yoga for Prenatal, Kids, Seniors/Motion Restriction, Discussion: role of the Guru/Teacher, Concerns about teaching
    • BODY MIND ONENESS: Pranayama and Bandhas, the Liberatory power of the breath; using energy for holistic healing. Overcoming internal blocks, Cultivating power, love and strength, Expressing your voice, Breathing for freedom in all circumstances

    LIBERATORY INTEGRATION: Mantras & Mudras, Applying Ayurveda, mantra and mudra to Yoga classes, Transformative power of sound and space, intuitive cuing, Sequencing and Cuing for freedom + Integration, Celebration and Deepening the Heart of Your Liberatory, Integrated Teacher’s Practice, Growth and Evolution, Heart of a teacher, gratitude and honoring our lineage and roots, sharing the practice, celebration.


    • Integrating holistic Chinese medicine
    • Traveling retreats and yoga trips
    • Sharing yoga in your community
    • Powerful time management and productivity 
    • Sharing your gifts and honing your brand

    **Learn, Grow, Prosper, Flow**  Be Yoga Pro

    As a part of this yoga teacher training you will get the Be Yoga Pro online training that you can take at anytime and will have lifetime access to support you in your journey of living your dreams. More info on this next-level program below. 

    We are committed to making the yoga teacher training accessible and payment plans are available. 

    For more information about the training write Susanna at Susanna@beyogapro.com