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    Personal Coaching 

    Be Your Number 1!

    I work with you to transform your life in online-learning custom coaching program drawing on tools of yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness and other healing modalities. Experience confidence, self-care, harmony and transformation in the comfort of your own home.

    1 on 1 clients are saying:

    “My weekly calls with Susanna are exactly what I needed to center and rebalance. I’m having more success at work and enjoying my life.”

    “ I used to put myself last. But I’ve found the way she works makes it easy to learn and stay motivated. I have more energy and am taking care of myself so much more fully now. And my family is happier too!”


    susannachairI’m living with passion, enthusiasm. I feel like my authentic self. I’m confident and people are telling me I’m captivating. The truth is, after working with Susanna, I’m just comfortable being my true self.”

    “These sessions are a game changer.” – Ebony Williams


    If you are inspired to deepen your personal journey, yoga practice or self-care journey – I’d love to talk.

    This program is custom created- specific to your needs and promises to create immense growth and transformation.

    Sessions can be held in-person or over Skype video chat or phone and can fit easily with your schedule.

    Write susanna@healthyhotgoddess.com to begin creating a program that will take your practice deeper, expand your heart and open your mind.

    “Susanna will cause major positive transformation in your life.”

    –Xochitl AsheSusanna2

    Susanna Barkataki

    “I’m on a journey. This woman is my guide.”

    –Aracely Lozano


    Recent Love from Clients:


    “Susanna is an amazing teacher and yogi. In her unique, down to earth style she shares her wisdom and life experience about the mysteries of yoga. Yoga is truly her passion and love and that’s how she teaches. It’s easy to learn and stay motivated when you have such a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher.”  — Melanie Lewis, Actress



    “Inspiring, nurturing, knowledgeable… Susanna is a wonderful and intuitive healer who embraces life and all who cross her path with shenboucheran open heart and mind. She lives what she teaches and her years of study and experience shines through in everything she does. One of my favorite of her many skills is her guided meditations. She will transport you to another realm and you will return clear and focused, ready to take on the world.”

    -Shen Boucher, Yoga Teacher

    xochitlabundance“Susanna Barkataki is a powerful healer and teacher. She has a gentle yet fierce magic that can guide you through any block that you have had with your physical and emotional healing.   If you are fortunate to work with her  one on one or in one of her workshops you will see how beautifully your life will change.” – Xochitl Ashe, Life and Soul Purpose Coach


    Janine-Christiano“Susanna creates such a safe and moving space. Susanna is amazing, a gentle yet powerful guide. I recommend this training because it is a great gift to yourself.”  – Janine Christiano, Non-profit Administration



    – Julie Weingarten