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    • Bridge self and community care. We create a safe space to get what you what you need while connecting to your inner power and creating a sense of peace. 

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    • Susanna Barkataki, M.Ed. E-RYT, is a writer, speaker and educator working at the intersection of self-care, yoga, ayurveda, socially engaged entrepreneurship, and healing justice.

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      Dear friends, I am going to be daring. And I invite you to be also. Here goes. Most of us, we're so scared of failing we don't even let ourselves begin to dream let alone wish. We need to learn again toDare to Wish. It’s exactly when all we remember is how to survive that we must [...]

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      Personal Coaching  Be Your Number 1! I work with you to transform your life in online-learning custom coaching program drawing on tools of yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness and other healing modalities. Experience confidence, self-care, harmony and transformation in the comfort of your own home.[...]

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      Next-Level Online Professional Training    Be Yoga Pro is an 8-week journey for yoga teachers where entrepreneurship meets spirit to uplift your yoga practice and business.     Learn to live your true purpose as a yoga teacher, create a path to prosperity while being of highest service. Travel[...]

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      Exercise, connect, elevate, celebrate. We come together as women to walk under the light and dark of the moon. After we walk we will have a short Moon Celebration together. New moon is a great time to take a risk, try something new, set a vision in motion, manifest the life you want with [...]

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